Nissi Training Centre is situated in the south of Johannesburg. The location of the centre is strategic for the following reasons:

  • To offer Education and Training to the previously disadvantaged community, who face transportation challenges due to financial constraints.

  • To offer Abet and Computer Literacy Training and Education  to the Immediate inter-racial community.

  • To channel those learners who qualify, into career opportunities within the Printing and Packaging sector.

  • To award current potential learners bursaries to enable them to train in the Printing and Packaging sector.

  • To facilitate the theoretical and technical semesters for existing apprentices in the Printing and Packaging sector.


Ranjeni Moodley, the managing director of the training institution hails from a previously disadvantaged community herself. Her challenges as a female, has given her the passion to open this facility to be able to empower others to become qualified in the Media, Printing and Packaging field. Her vision is to equip and run projects in the community she lives in. Such an endeavor would empower previously disadvantaged individuals to gain employment in this field. She is no stranger to the industry and has been a successful registered exporter for several years. She boasts a large clientele in Africa as a supplier of printing consumables and equipment.

Logan Naidu is the Training and Skills director with a total span of experience, knowledge and training of almost three decades He lectures trains and is involved in the curricular development of the Media, Printing and Packaging sector. He has gained knowledge of different training methodologies both nationally and internationally. Equipped with this invaluable training and knowledge, he plans to empower the youth with skills in the Printing and Packaging sector.

NIssi Training Centre comprises of the following staff complement

 60% Black African (4males/2females) 20% Indian (1Male/Female)

10% White (1 Male) 10% Coloured (1 Male).

Stakeholders and Partners

The Nissi Training Centre is proud to be partners with both large and small stakeholders in Media, Printing and Packaging Industries who are currently supporting the centre. The centre is quality driven and the learners’ excellent results confirm this element. One of the centre’s foremost goals is to produce outstanding results.


The centre is a fully accredited service provider, operating under the newly established FPM SETA (MAPP-SETA) bodies. It is 100 % Black- owned private institution. Nissi Training Centre is aligned to the code of good practice according to NSDS3 requirements; therefore their key  focus is a community –based training centre. A wide range of courses is available to the community.


Other learners from outside the province can be accommodated at the centre’s own guest house. The guest house is conveniently situated and is accessible to public transport to and from the centre. The Medical Centre, taxi, bus, train and shopping malls are within a 3 kilometer radius from the training centre.

A 24-hr security guard has been appointed and ample parking facilities have been provided for the safety and convenience of the learners.








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47 Sheffield Street 

Lenasia South
South Africa
Tel: +2711-211-4781
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